Friday, January 23, 2009

AIDS is a Black Disease

Whether we brought it upon ourselves, or it was thrust upon us by a Country that does not care, AIDS among African-Americans is rampant. In some parts of America is as severe as it is in parts of Africa. AIDS remains the leading cause of death among black women between ages 25 and 34. It's the second-leading cause of death in black men 35-44.

"AIDS in America today is a black disease," says Phill Wilson, founder and CEO of the institute and himself HIV-positive. "2006 CDC data tell us that about half of the just over 1 million Americans living with HIV or AIDS are black."

Blacks are 12% of the population but we make up nearly 50% of the Americans infected with AIDS/HIV. The AIDS epidemic is not over in America, especially not in Black America.

I hope that President Obama will be able to address, and solve, the issues that have left Black and White American divided for so long.


  1. Thank you for this post. I completely agree that this is an issue that must be addressed by the country as a whole.

    Unfortunately, identifying the problem is going to be a long way from identifying the cause or the cure.

    One thing is certain, and that is a need to reinvigorate the familial social structure among Americans of African Ancestry. A return to traditional family structures is going to be a tough sell. Are there alternatives?

  2. You made me think of something that I will post about above.

    To be honest, black women have strong family values. It is black men that fail.

  3. It can be prevented. That's the sad thing about that percentage. They should use some of that money from the stimulus bill to research cancer over and over again until they come up with the cause of it at least and maybe we'll get to the cure.