Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chicago Takes Steps to Reduce Violence

The Public League of the Chicago Public School (CPS) announced that it is banning fans of visiting teams from attending sports events.This is an attempt to reduce violence that has erupted at CPS basketball games.

• All varsity boys basketball games will begin at 4 p.m.

• Fans from the visiting team will not be allowed to attend.

• In some cases in which there has been a history of trouble between schools, no fans will be allowed to attend the game.

On Tuesday night a basketball player from North Lawndale was shot in the leg during a postgame altercation. Chicago Police say two 16-year-old boys have been charged with misdemeanor battery in connection with the Tuesday night shooting.

Between September 2007 – September 2008, thirty-six CPS students were killed. Twenty-six were killed during the school year and ten were killed during the summer. Thirty-three of the killings were gun related, one was stabbed, another beaten with a baseball bat and another was intentionally run over with a car.


  1. I hope this helps, where I live every time there is a game cops have to come to maintain order :( it sucks

  2. how are you friend? keep posting! looking forward to read more about your posts.. ^_^